Melatonin for Your Cute Cat

Melatonin for Your Cute Cat

There are several benefits of taking melatonin supplements for humans, though what about feline friends? Some cats might suffer from anxiety, noise sensitivity, or insomnia. The following are notes on how melatonin supplements might be helpful to your furry buddy.

First thing first always speak to a vet. Once you notice that your cat has certain anxiety or is up all hours of the night it is time to make an appointment. Make sure to list all the questions for your vet on a device or paper.

Average melatonin supplement doses for cats are 0.5 to 0.8 mg, as needed or every 12 hours. The dosage will depend on size of your cat and what your pet is being treated for. Make sure to record how your feline reacts to the supplement. Share these notes with your vet at the next appointment to know if the supplement should be continued or doses changed. Hopefully the medication can help with any challenge your furry pal is facing. However if your cat has an allergic reaction to melatonin go to the vet as soon as possible.

Kittens and older cats facing the following might find great relief with the aid of melatonin supplements.

Anxiety- Kittens who are nervous in a new environment might benefit from melatonin as it might help balance brain chemicals.

Noise phobia- The anxiety from noise phobia might be decreased by small doses of melatonin. This might help during family parties, holidays with fireworks, or neighborhood construction etc.

Insomnia– Melatonin is a natural hormone found in mammals that helps promote sleep. A little extra melatonin from the supplement might help your little fur ball get the sleep he or she needs.

If your vet suggests melatonin supplements and it helps your furry friend please comment below.

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