Sleep Better With These Tips

Sleep Better With These Tips

We have written sleep tip articles in the past and you can read those here. In this article we will share our thoughts  on a post from NBC health on how to sleep better.

Many people struggle with trying to fall asleep. Some cannot sleep with out taking a pill. However NBC News shared the following expert sleeping tips.

Create and Stick To A Routine- 
Going to sleep and awaking at the same time each night and morning can help your body create a pattern. This will help your biological clock tick well. With an established routine you might be able to go to sleep and arise more easily. One way to ease into a schedule is to have a checklist. An hour before you want to go to sleep start relaxing. Change into comfortable pajamas, turn off devices and place on the charger away from bed, read a paperback book, and slow your breathing to get ready for sleep.


Exercise During The Day
Physical activity is a proven stress reliever. Regularly exercising in the morning or late afternoon can help you create a healthy habit that might help decrease stress and increase sleep quality. An exercise routine does not need to be done at a gym. Taking a walk or jog for 30 minutes a day can be beneficial to receiving better sleep.


Take Caffeine Out Of The Equation.
Friends might offer an after work Starbucks run. You can join in, though choose a decaf option. Having any item with caffeine which is a known stimulant too close to bedtime can disrupt sleep.  Other food and drinks that might have caffeine include, chocolate, some sodas, and some teas. Check labels and avoid this stimulant a few hours before you want to go to bed.




Resist The Call of The Fridge

Large dinners and “midnight snacks” are a common culture in America. However eating a large amount right before laying down can cause reflux.  A full stomach is not a friend at bedtime. To avoid this uncomfortable experience try to avoid eating at least three hours before your bedtime. If you do need a snack to make your stomach stop growling then try something small and not acidic. For example nuts, bananas, or cherries.


Turn the Blinking Numbers Away
In this phone generation the people who use alarm clocks might have declined. Though if you do use an alarm clock, set the alarm, then turn the numbers away from the pillow. If you use a phone, set your alarm and plug in your phone away from the bed. Looking at the time all night might cause anxiety because you feel you are not getting enough sleep. This can make it even harder to catch the Zs you need.



If you still have extreme insomnia after trying many tips from blogs, friends etc. It might be time to visit a doctor. If he or she suggest Melatonin Supplements give Worldwide Labs a try. They have the largest supplement selection with guaranteed shipping worldwide.

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