Items In Your Room That Might Disrupt Sleep.

Items In Your Room That Might Disrupt Sleep.

Quite a few adults suffer from not being able to sleep well at night. Sometimes the sleeping environment can make a difference. If you have any of these items in your room it might be time to rethink the design and remove the following.

Pets – Furry friends can be great at cuddling. Though these adorable fluff balls should not join you in bed. Animals have different sleeping schedules. When a puppy or kitten wakes up it can disrupt your sleep. Snuggle your fur babies in the living room. Make them comfy with their own personal bed.

Treats- Bedtime snacks are a common habit. There are even some snacks that might help you sleep. (Read this article or this this post to find bedtime snack ideas). Food should not be allowed in the bedroom. Eating in the bedroom signals the brain to stay awake. It can also cause uncomfortable crumbs in the sheets. Food should stay in the kitchen so the bedroom can be a sleeping sanctuary.

Office Supplies- Do not take a laptop or other work files to bed. This can cause anxiety which can disrupt sleep. When you mix in work with pillows the results are not the best. Keep work items in the office or in another quiet room in your home.  If you need to keep a journal and pen on your night stand to write down things that come to your mind in the middle of the night.

Devices- As stated in other posts, and by research experts blue light emitted from phones or other devices can disrupt melatonin production. The decrease of this important sleep hormone can make it difficult to drift off to dream land. To make sure you sleep well plug in devices away from the bed and put them on “do not disturb” mode at least an hour before you “hit the hay”.  If you need to slowly work into this habit start by setting your device on “night mode” which decreases the blue light.

Interior Design Mistakes- Avoid crazy colors which can distract the mind. Also do not overcrowd the room with unnecessary furniture, which can make the room feel too small. Extra thick pillows and blankets can make the bed feel overcrowded and too warm which can make snoozing difficult. Though it is tempting a TV belongs in the living room not the bedroom. Having a television in the sleeping area makes it more of a mini movie theatre rather than a comfy place to catch some Zs.

If your bedroom has any of these items and you have trouble sleeping it might be time to re-think the layout. Take out the furry friends, keep the snacks in the kitchen, keep work in the office, plug in devices away from the bed and look at your bedroom design. If these tips help you make your room into a peaceful place for rest and relaxation please comment below.

If you continue to have increased insomnia it might be time to speak with a doctor. If he or she suggests melatonin supplement check out Worldwide Labs  for the largest selection of melatonin that has guaranteed shipping worldwide.

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