Back To Sleep and Back To School

Back To Sleep and Back To School

In America “Back To School” sales and signs are popping up everywhere! Parents and kids might be starting to realize that “fun in the sun” is ending and soon it will be time to go back to the books. Many kids might avoid the school night bedtime routine since they have been enjoying the freedom of Summer. So how can a parent help their child get back into the school year night and morning routine? Here are a few tips.

Make Bedtime a Family Effort- A few days before school starts a parent can adjust bedtime to 15 minutes earlier each night until the ideal bedtime is set. A family can have a discussion on how to create a bedtime routine. Each family member can share ideas on how to make getting ready to go to sleep fun. For example choosing a chapter book to read a chapter of every night, if everyone is ready for bed( teeth brushed, pajamas on, etc).

Prepare for the Next Day- To make getting ready for school less stressful and to help a child sleep better, parents can help children prepare school items before bed.  Parents should help their kids check that all homework is complete and packed in their book-bag and by the door. Another tip is to have breakfast items set out and bag lunches packed and in the fridge. Doing small things can truly make a difference in the morning.

Set and Keep To A Devices Off Curfew- Many researchers have discovered that the blue light emitted from electronic devices can decrease the production of the hormone melatonin. This is the hormone that helps signal the brain that it is time to doze off. A decrease in this important chemical can disrupt sleep. To help children not be up all night a family can discuss setting a “Turn Off” time. Either completely turn off devices, or set devices to a setting that only allows the alarms to work. Then put devices on chargers away from the bed. Parents can help their children by setting a good example and making and keeping to their own device curfew.  To help melatonin production, make sure all devices are off at least an hour before bedtime.

Create a Relaxing Environment – With the stress of school children might have a difficulty falling asleep. Parents can help their kids make a bedroom a sanctuary. TVs or Laptops do not belong in the room. Moms or Dads can check that pillows and mattresses are comfortable and that the child has an alarm for the morning. A rule can also be set to do a quick clean each night. This can help the room not be cluttered. Having a clean area can make falling asleep easier. Helping a child set up the perfect sleeping environment might help them have an easier night and morning.

If these tips help your child have an easier school year bedtime or morning routine please comment below.

If your child suffers from severe insmonia it might be time to speak to a specialist. If the doctor suggest melatonin supplements look at Worldwide Labs for an all natural option that has guaranteed worldwide shipping.

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School Year Bedtime Tips

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