What To Do When You Cannot Sleep- Tips from Experts

What To Do When You Cannot Sleep- Tips from Experts

Are there nights when you just lay in bed wishing you could fall asleep? If yes than here are some tips from sleep experts.

Relax Your Muscles- Flex and relax each muscle group. Start from your toes and go all the way to your face. Then imagine a relaxing scene. Go to a “happy place” that calms anxieties or stress.

Create a Snooze Smoothie- Make this “magical” smoothie mix with dairy and fruit that have nutrients that promote sleep. Greek yogurt and almond milk have calcium, tryptophan, and magnesium which help the mind relax for sleep. A fruit that has been proven in studies to help sleep, are cherries. So mix together half and half of milk and yogurt and add pitted frozen cherries and ta-da a yummy smoothie to help you catch some Zs.

Schedule some Relaxing “Me” time- To unwind from the busy day do an enjoyable relaxing activity, 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. Activities can include reading, doing a craft, sketching etc. Do activities that do not have screens or use devices on Night mode or use a blue light dimmer. Blue light can cause a decrease in the melatonin production in the brain which can disrupt sleep.

Create A Night Time Journal- To avoid stress induced insomnia, take time to write down concerns and solutions in a note book. Then put this journal by the bed. At night you can view your decisions on how to solve problems instead of tossing and turning from worried thoughts. You can also use the journal to write down anything that comes to your mind, this can help you know you will remember the thought, instead of stressing that you will forget something important.

Focus On Inhaling and Exhaling- Focus on slowing your breaths or breathing more deeply.  Breathe in sections five seconds inhale and seven seconds exhale. Or count back from 100 and breath in and out for each number. There are many different breathing exercises to try. Look online to find which breathing exercises helps you relax enough to sleep.

No Furry Friends in the Bedroom- Pets can be fun cuddle buddies. Though they should not become roommates. Animals have different sleeping patterns and might wake you up in the middle of the night. Cuddle on couches or even on a comfy picnic blanket. Close your bedroom door at night to make sure the meowing or barking adorable balls of fur stay out of the sleeping area.

Check the Temperature- Studies have shown that bedrooms at the temperature of sixty two to seventy promote good sleep. The body core temperatures drops to signal sleep. If your room is too warm it might disrupt this cooling process that relaxes the body for sleep.

Think About Staying Awake-  It might sound a little strange but instead of becoming frustrated about not sleeping, think about staying awake. This might help decrease anxiety and let the brain relax enough to drift off to dream land. This is similar to reverse psychology.

If these tips help you please share your experience in the comments. If you continue to suffer from severe insomnia speak to a specialist. If the doctor suggests melatonin supplements check out Worldwide Labs for an all natural option that has guaranteed shipping world-wide.

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