Jet Lag Tips from Flight Attendants

Jet Lag Tips from Flight Attendants

Many people know that traveling to new time zones can cause jet lag. This is a condition that disrupts the sleep pattern and can cause symptoms such as drowsiness, or mood changes etc. To learn more about Jet Lag read our What Is Jet Lag? article.

The best people to give advice about how to defeat jet lag would be Cabin Crews who fly often. The following are tips to overcome jet lag are directly from flight attendants.

Stay Hydrated
Airplanes are pressurized and can cause dehydration. To avoid  the symptoms of jet lag and dehydration drink water and use a spritzer on neck and face at hourly intervals.

Activate your pulse points
To ease anxiety and jet lag symptoms try rubbing essential oils on pulse areas your neck, temple, and wrists.

Pack Herbal Tea
The following teas can help to ease certain symptoms.
Chamomile- Calms nerves
Tumeric- Helps decrease inflammation and works as an antioxidant.
Ginger- Eases digestion
Pack one or all of these tea packets in your carry on to make a tea by asking a flight attendant for warm water.

Pack an infused water bottle
Pack an empty water bottle full of one of the following infuse mixes. Once through security buy a mineral water to add to mix.
Invigorate: Grapefruit and rosemary
Refresh: Mint, strawberry, cucumber and lime
Calm: Apple, ginger, lemongrass

Wear comfortable clothing
When flying little things can make a big difference. Being uncomfortable can make a flight harder than it needs to be. To be the most comfortable wear natural fibers these include cotton, wool, and silk. These fabrics help the skin breathe and the body feel relaxed.

Try Herbal Supplements
Flight attendants recommend taking herbal supplements or using oils to ease nerves and jet lag symptoms. The best supplements to calm nerves are those containing -melatonin, magnesium, valerian root, lemon balm, lavender and/or passionflower.

If you try a melatonin supplement check out the Jet Lag Kit from Worldwide Labs.  This site has the largest melatonin selection with guaranteed shipping worldwide.

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