Start Your Morning Right With These Bedtime Tips

Start Your Morning Right With These Bedtime Tips

Do you stay up late at night worrying about the hectic morning rush of getting ready for work? If so here are a few tips on how to boost your nighttime routine to create a smoother morning.

Quick Clean- Sometimes a disorganized bedroom can make it hard to sleep or cause stress in the morning. Take a few minutes each night to do a “quick clean” put things away,do dishes etc. You can listen to an audio book or relaxing music while you straighten up.

Choose your outfit- A lot of the morning stress can come from trying to find a suitable work outfit while still trying to wake up. To avoid this stress lay out your outfit the night before. Make sure to also include accessories for example socks, shoes, watch etc.

Pack your supplies- Sleep can be disrupted from the stress of forgetting something in the morning. To get some sleep and to ease stress of gathering everything in the morning, prepare your work items the night before. An hour before bedtime check and reply to urgent emails or texts. Put your prepared work bag by the door so it is set to grab and go in the morning. Also place your keys and wallet in a safe place to take away the “where are my keys?” hunt.

Do some meal prep- If you take lunch to work have it packed and in the fridge to take to work the next day. If you want you can also do breakfast prep. If you are going to have cereal have the box out with a bowl and spoon set out. Or if you want to have eggs set out the frying pan and spatula as a little reminder. Having meals prepared can help the morning, run a little smoother.

Set a bedtime- Many studies have shown that if you stick to a schedule you will be able to feel more rested and have a better day. Choose a time to go to sleep that works best for you.  Look at what time you need to wake up and count back eight hours to know when to go to sleep. If you need to, set an alarm for when to start your bedtime routine. This can help you build a habit of a set sleeping schedule. You might also want to set an alarm for turning off devices. Blue screen devices can disrupt sleep if used late into the night.

If you still suffer from stressful nights or mornings or severe insomnia speak with a specialist. If the doctor suggests melatonin visit Worldwide Labs for the largest melatonin selection that has guaranteed shipping worldwide.

If you try these tips and they benefit  your bedtime and morning routine please comment below or share by using our social media buttons.

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