Actions To Avoid When You Are Trying To Sleep

Actions To Avoid When You Are Trying To Sleep

When having a hard time falling asleep some might fall into bad habits. The following are a few actions you should avoid if you want to sleep well.

Staying in bed- If you cannot fall asleep within 30 minutes of laying in bed it is not worth the frustration which can just keep you up longer. Take time to get out of bed and do something relaxing, meditation, reading a paper book(not on a device), or listen to relaxing music or work on a relaxing  no-screen project like writing or a craft.  Once you feel more tired go back to bed and try to get to sleep.

Turning on the TV or other devices- The blue light emitted from these screens causes too much stimulation in the brain. This stimulation stops the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep cycle.  To avoid this melatonin disruption turn off devices at least an hour before bedtime and charge them away from the bed. Resist the temptation to check social media and work emails when you are trying to sleep.

Eating midnight snacks- Eating midnight junk-food can cause full stomachs or heartburn which can keep a person awake at night. Though on the other side of the spectrum being too hungry can make it difficult to fall asleep. Look at our previous articles to know the best foods to eat at bedtime.

Popping Melatonin- Do not take a sleeping supplement right before bed. It will not have enough time to go through the body to be effective. If you do need to take melatonin, take the supplement when the sun sets or a few hours before bedtime. Also if you have trouble sleeping and have never tried melatonin check out Worldwide Labs for an all natural option that has guaranteed worldwide shipping.

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