How Melatonin can help a few Different Behavioral or Mental Disorders in Children

How Melatonin can help a few Different Behavioral or Mental Disorders in Children

Dr. Craig Canapari wrote a fantastic article on how melatonin can help a few different behavioral or mental disorders in children.  We simply want to discuss and summarize some important points in his article.  Canapari discussed how melatonin can be beneficial for chronic insomnia, autism, ADHD, DSPS, neurodevelopment delay, blindness and eczema. It is incredible how many things melatonin supplements can help. Studies however are still being conducted so always speak with a specialist before trying any supplements.

Children with chronic insomnia can benefit from melatonin. Having a small dose thirty minutes or an hour before bedtime can help a child go to sleep more easily. Use this as a short time habit builder, rather than a long term solution.  If a child’s insomnia becomes severe speak with a pediatric sleep specialist.

It is highly common for children with Autism to have sleep disorders. Melatonin supplements can help these children by decreasing the difficulty of falling asleep and increasing the hours of sleep. The reason melatonin supplements are a good option for children on the autism spectrum is because they have different melatonin secretion levels and can use an extra boost.

Statistics state the 70% of children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) suffer from sleep issues. These include being sleepy during the day and having a hard time falling asleep at night. A children study with doses of 3-6mg showed that melatonin supplements slightly aided children with ADHD in falling asleep. Though there was no evidence of aiding daytime tiredness.

A common disorder in teens is DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome).  This is when their natural sleep schedule does not provide adequate amount of sleep for their commitments the biggest being school. Teens with this disorder will sometimes not be able to fall asleep till 1-2 am or even later. Canapari states this recommendation,”For children with DSPS, giving a dose 4–6 hours prior to the current time of sleep onset, then moving it earlier every 4–5 days, is recommended, with low dose preparations.”

There have been very few studies that showed that children with Neurodevelopmental Delay, blindness, or Eczema can also benefit from low melatonin supplement doses. However greater data needs to be gathered to understand true benefits.

If you or a loved one has any of these struggles talk with a pediatrician about melatonin supplements. If the doctor recommends melatonin then check out the Purchase Here link ,in this site’s menu, for an all natural  product that is shipped worldwide and has guaranteed delivery.

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