How to Know if You have S.A.D

How to Know if You have S.A.D

We have written past articles about Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D the definition, symptoms etc. You can read these past articles by clicking S.A.D Articles. Some might feel very depressed during certain times of the year. Some might wonder how do you discover if you have S.A.D. What is the diagnosis process. Mayo Clinic online has provided some insight into the process that we would like to share.

  • Physical Exam- Your doctor might do a full physical exam. Sometimes depression is linked to a physical issue or underlying condition.
  • Lab Tests – Your doctor might do several blood or thyroid tests to check that everything is working properly.
  • Psychological Tests- Your doctor might have you meet with a psychologist to do certain mental health tests or questionnaires.



It is sometimes difficult for doctors or mental health specialists to specifically diagnose S.A.D because it is a sub-section of either depression or bi-polar disorder.  The following are some of the determining factors for a specialist to know if a patient has S.A.D

  • Depression that begins during a specific season each year
  • Depression that ends during a specific season each year
  • No depression episodes during seasons with normal mood
  • More seasons with depression than with out over the lifetime of symptoms


If you speak with a specialist and are diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder ask about the possible benefits of melatonin supplements.


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