Alternative Ways To Conquer Jet Lag

Alternative Ways To Conquer Jet Lag

We have discussed in previous articles the benefit of melatonin in defeating Jet Lag. (click Jet Lag Articles to read) In this post we want to dive a little deeper into the benefits of melatonin and other possible alternatives that might help you survive the symptoms of jet lag that can ruin any adventure.

Many know the most common side effects of jet lag are 

  • Disturbed sleep — such as insomnia, early waking or excessive sleepiness
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating or functioning at your usual level
  • Stomach problems, constipation or diarrhea
  • A general feeling of not being well
  • Mood changes

The reason a lot of people and health sites suggest melatonin supplements as a jet lag solution is because it has been studied and tested. The results showed that melatonin can help. Mayo Clinic stated, “The latest research seems to show that melatonin aids sleep during times when you wouldn’t normally be resting, making it beneficial for people with jet lag. Your body treats melatonin as a darkness signal, and generally has the opposite effect of bright light.”

The time you take melatonin is important. Mayo Clinic suggests the following. If flying East take melatonin 3o minutes before local bedtime. For flying West take melatonin in the morning. Studies showed that small doses for some can be as effective as larger doses.


Always discuss with a doctor before travels what will be the best dosage and time to take the supplement of melatonin. If the doctor does suggest melatonin check out World Wide Labs for a natural option.

Remember never take alcohol with melatonin as it can cause unpleasant side effects.

Another alternative solution is changing your diet while on your trip. Eat large amounts of protein when you need energy. When you need to sleep have a few carbs or beneficial bedtime snacks to help you snooze and awake the next day refreshed.
( Click 5 Bedtime SnacksBedtime Beverages or 6 More Bedtime Snacks for snooze food suggestions)

If you try either of these alternative solutions and they work for you please comment below.

Source: Mayo Clinic

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