Sound Control

Ear Plugs

Available at most hardware ("DIY") stores, foam ear plugs are designed to block sound for operators of loud machinery and power tools. Cost is only a couple dollars per pair.

Many drug stores provide moldable silicon ear plugs. They are designed more to block water but work adequately for sound. Prices range from $5-10 (US) and packages contain multiple pairs.

Comfort varies widely by person. A light sleeper may find the unusual feel to be too disturbing for normal sleep.

Setting a Radio to Static

Almost everyone has a clock-radio at their bedside. Try tuning it off of a station - the very top or bottom of the dial are often especially good. AM or FM. Get a good, steady sound of static without a trace of music or voices. Adjust the volume to be loud enough to definitely hear it, but quiet enough so that you don't instinctively feel like you must roll over and turn away from it.

The downside of this approach is that signal (or lack of it) can be unpredictable. Nighttime provides better broadcasting conditions and radio waves can bounce farther. At 4 am your nice solid static can suddenly erupt into call from a riverboat captain in a distant land, or trucker talking to his good buddy only a few blocks away.

If it's not stray broadcasts you might also be bothered by a rhythm that appears out of nowhere, like a helicopter's blades. Whether it's a quirk of physics or the CIA trying out a mind-control device, it can rouse you from your blissful slumber.

Radios set to static work well, at least better than nothing. If you have an old radio or boom box you might try disconnecting or breaking off its antenna.

Air Purifiers

These are designed to clean your air, not your sound. However if it has a gentle hiss, this modern marvel can do both. Be sure to get one with a "HEPA" filter, which will take care of allergens and smoke, giving you an even better sleep with clear air. You're nearly motionless in a confined space for hours at a time anyway, you might as well treat your sinuses and lungs to some rest and rejuvenation of their own.

Here are examples from, searching on "air purifiers" in their "Health and Personal Care" section -

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CDs and MP3s

Commercially made CDs are available on the internet. They are usually very well made and contain such wonderfully rich recordings as mountain streams, jungle birds, light rain, wind and ocean waves. These are nice not only while sleeping but as an almost sub-conscious sound environment during waking hours - especially after a hectic day.

The CDs cost from $15 to $25 (US). You will obviously need a CD player and speakers that you can devote to the task, which can add more cost.

If cost is an issue download our free soothing-sound MP3s! (Yes, free - no registration, no spam, no spyware.) Use an MP3 player like an IPod connected to speakers, or burn your own CD of them.

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Sound Machine

Ah, this can be perfection in a box. Small, portable and dedicated simply to providing soothing, noise-canceling sound. No radio ability, no CDs, just smooth, constant gentle white or pink noise.

Warning: Make sure you get one with the right features -
  •   Manual shut-off.
  •   Battery power for traveling.
  •   A/C power to save batteries at home and not die out in the middle of a night.
  •   Volume control.

The sound machines we've seen at Walmart, etc. only play for 30 minutes or an hour or so. It must be able to play its sounds all night - until you physically turn it off yourself the next morning.

Here are examples from, searching on "sound therapy white noise" in their "Health and Personal Care" section -

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OK, you've read our page. Do something about your sound environment now. Don't wait for further motivation after yet another night's interrupted sleep. Go dig out an old radio and put by your bed. Or download our MP3s. Better yet, buy an air filter or a sound machine.

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Happy sleeping!

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