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What should I look for when buying melatonin?

Pharmacy grade (not "natural," "animal" or "bovine)."
Not mixed with other active ingredients (even vitamins) to minimize complications with other conditions or medications, as you and your doctor review your treatment.
Melatonin purity is 99% or higher.
Reputable brand.
Consider sustained release versus regular release.

How important is the product's label?

Very important. It should clearly state everything you need to evaluate the product.

The U.S. National Institute of Health states, "Brands may be made differently, with variable ingredients, even within the same brand ... There is no guarantee of strength, purity or safety of products, and effects may vary. You should always read product labels."

How do I determine value?

Cost per milligram (mg) is not the best indicator alone. Buying a tablet with a high amount of melatonin and then having to break the pill into two is difficult - and splitting it even farther into equal portions is almost impossible.

It is best to buy a form that is most likely to meet your needs. For example, a bottle of 1.5 mg melatonin is good for beginners. You can easily take two tablets at a time if you find you need it. If the bottle of 100 tablets for example costs $8.00 US, then the price per day is 8 cents (cheap!). Having to double the dosage is still only 16 cents per day.

WorldWide Labs ("WWL") Melatonin

What varieties does WWL produce?

0.3 mg, 100tablets per bottle, Regular Release
1.0 mg, 60tablets per bottle, Regular Release
1.0 mg, 120tablets per bottle, Regular Release
1.5 mg, 100tablets per bottle, Regular Release
1.5 mg, 100tablets per bottle, Sustained Release
2.0 mg, 60capsulesper bottle, Sustained Release
3.0 mg, 30tablets per bottle, Regular Release
3.0 mg, 60capsulesper bottle, Regular Release
3.0 mg, 90tablets per bottle, Regular Release
3.0 mg, 60tablets per bottle, Sustained Release

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Are they all pharmacy grade?

Yes. All are synthetically made as opposed to "natural," "animal" or "bovine."

What is the difference between "sustained release" and "regular release"?

Sustained release allows for a continual release of the melatonin over the space of a normal sleeping period. Sustained release is also known as timed release and controlled release.

Regular release delivers its effectiveness as it is digested, which is a relatively short time. It is best as a boost to get to you to sleep, but not necessarily to keep you asleep.

What are your ingredients?

Active Ingredient:  Only Pure, Pharmaceutical Grade Melatonin.

Other ingredients serve as fillers and binders for the tablet or capsule. They are -
Tablets: Croscarmellose SodiumDi-Calcium Phosphate
Magnesium Stearate  and   Stearic Acid.
Capsules: Magnesium StearateMaltodextrin and a vegetable capsule.

The sustained release products also have Ethocel, which is a coating used most frequently in controlled release formulations.

How pure is your melatonin?

99% plus. Using WWL's 3 mg tablets as a sample, an independent laboratory reported, "The spectral purity of melatonin peak was above 99% for all degradation pathways."

I cannot swallow a tablet or capsule. How can I take melatonin?

We offer melatonin in a liquid. You could also open a capsule and sprinkle into it into a drink or onto soft food such as applesauce. Then swallow it without chewing. This works even for our sustained release melatonin, but be careful to not rub or break the melatonin up with your fingers. Doing so may disturb the sustained release coating and the sustained release quality may not work properly.

Are your melatonin products suitable for vegetarians?


WorldWide Labs
Customer Comments

"A few years ago, my mother told me that your Melatonin solved all problems she'd suffered. Because S/H to Japan is expensive, I had to buy more to keep them in stock for my mother. 50 bottles are enough to live for about 5 years. She said that she would take them until she dies. ... She trusts your brand. Please note that you have a fan even in Japan." - U.Y., Japan

"I have been using Melatonin since 1990 as a sleep aid. I have a sleep disorder and am unable to use sleeping pills (and don't want to). Melatonin makes the difference between sleep and not sleeping. This has necessitated many trips to the United States.... sometimes for the sole purpose of purchasing Melatonin." - M.M., Canada

"After much searching in stores in our area, we came across WorldWide Labs and have, at last, found what we have been looking for. Your Regular 1.5's are just right for us..went to sleep like a baby .. no hangover in the morning! Many thanks and we hope you stay in business forever." - K&R B., USA

"The veterinarian has prescribed Melatonin for my dog, a Keeshond. She is horrified of thunder and other loud noises. The doctor said that Melatonin will keep her calm." - K.F.B., USA


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