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Summer Benefits of Melatonin for Livestock Producers

Summer Benefits of Melatonin for Livestock Producers

During the summer heat, livestock producers face financial challenges with taking care of their animals.  A few researchers have recently studied the benefits of melatonin supplements in certain livestock animals. The research stated that, “ Melatonin has hypothermic and antioxidant effects and may counter the detrimental effect of heat stress on livestock production.”

The study also showed that melatonin supplements might be able to protect certain animals from heat stress which can cause other physical problems.  With the benefits of melatonin supplements livestock producers might be able to better protect their animals and prevent a loss in production for the year. 

Of course producers should speak to a livestock vet before starting their animals on any medication or supplement.

Source – Taylor and Francis Online

Melatonin and Pups

Melatonin and Pups

Do you have a new pup or older dog in the family? Was New Years Eve filled with whines as your little “mans best friend” hid under the bed out of fear?  Or does your dog have patches of fur falling out? If yes then melatonin supplements might help.

These supplements come in a few forms. These include tablets, liquids, capsules or powder. Plain tablet form is the most recommended for dogs simply hide it in their food.  This supplement “kicks in” with in 10-15 minutes and can last eight hours. This can be given when dog is anxious or for long period of time under direction of your vet.


The benefits of melatonin include:

  • Help with insomnia without causing drowsiness
  • Helps puppies who have sensitive hearing deal with “scary” noises
  • Can help regrow fur

If your puppy or old timer have these few issues speak with your veterinarian about melatonin supplements. If they agree to try this medication check out World Wide Labs for an all natural option.

Can Melatonin Help Your Dog?

Can Melatonin Help Your Dog?

tired puppy

Is your dog afraid of loud noises? Does your dog experience stress, separation
anxiety, trouble sleeping, or seizures? Melatonin might be the answer for your beloved pet.

Melatonin has been shown to help calm and relax dogs (Vet Blog). Melatonin has also been used to treat insomnia and separation anxiety. Melatonin can help “reset” a circadian rhythm which is the internal body clock that tells your dog when to sleep and when to wake sleeping in chair

Very few side-effects have been connected to melatonin (Vet Blog). Your dog shouldn’t be drowsy or hung-over. Some brands of melatonin are impure or have additives. Make sure you use a brand of melatonin that is reliable and does not contain Xylitol (

Before you give melatonin to your dog you should follow these 2 steps:

Adog sleeping bwsk a vet

  • It is always a good idea to check with your vet before giving anymedication to your pet

Check the dose

  • A generally suggested dosage is 3-9 mg every 12-24 hours, depending on the dog’s size (Veterinary Place)
  • Double check the dose with your vet


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