The benefits of melatonin for Pets

The benefits of melatonin for Pets

There are several uses for melatonin in cats and dogs. There are also many forms of melatonin supplements. The supplement can be a liquid, cream or a pill to put in food.

The problems in cat and dogs that melatonin can help are the following.

Sleep problems– Melatonin supplements might help a cat or dog who is suffering from disrupted sleep.

Cancer– Melatonin pills might be a beneficial addition to a cancer treatment plan for cats or dogs with hormonal cancer.

UV Skin Damage- Melatonin cream can possibly help reduce skin damage caused by the sun.


Anxiety– Melatonin drops or pills hidden in food might help a cat or dog who has mild anxieties. Such as separation or noise anxieties. This is especially useful when owner is going on a trip or during holidays that have fireworks as part of the celebration.

Melatonin supplements might also strengthen the immune system or work as an antioxidant.

It is always wise to speak with a vet specialist before starting any treatment. However if the vet does suggest melatonin supplements check out Worldwide Labs for an all natural option that has guaranteed shipping worldwide.

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