How To Help Children Sleep During The Summer

How To Help Children Sleep During The Summer

We have shared a few sleeping tip articles you can read those past posts here.  In this article we want to share some simple tips on how to help your child get to bed at a decent time during the holidays.

School is out and the sun is shinning longer. There are family reunions, friend parties, vacations to other time zones and so much more that happens during the summer break. All these different exciting activities can disrupt a child’s, or sometimes an adult’s,  sleeping pattern.

How can you combat bad sleeping habits that often happen during the beautiful season of summer?


If you are at a family reunion there might not be comfortable sleeping commendations. The way to maybe overcome this is to bring your own pillows and for your child, provide a comfort item such as a nightlight, stuffed animal, blanket etc. Having simple things from home can help a child sleep well and enjoy the bonding time with cousins during the day.

A lot of sleepovers happen during the summer time because there is no school to worry about. If your child wants to have a sleepover party discuss with them the rules for bedtime. Agree on a time to quiet down and clean up etc. Make it fun for the other kids to get ready for bed. Have music playing in the background and make it a race of who can get into their sleeping bag first. Find more ideas to make bedtime fun on Pinterest.

Vacationing to other time zones is always an adventure! Especially with younger children who might be experiencing jet lag for the first time. To help yourself and your children read our articles on how to overcome jet lag by clicking Jet Lag Tips.

Bedtime will always be a little tricky during the summer. Kids are excited and it always seems too sunny to go to bed. We hope these tips help. If they do please comment below. If you, your child or a friend is suffering from insomnia and no simple strategies are helping it might be time to speak to a specialist. If a specialists suggest melatonin supplements please click our Purchase Now menu button to have the largest melatonin selection that has guaranteed delivery worldwide.

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