Tips to use Melatonin Properly To Ease Jet Lag Symptoms

Tips to use Melatonin Properly To Ease Jet Lag Symptoms

We have previously written about tips to overcome jet lag, and why jet lag happens etc. You can read those previous articles here. Some people might have a few questions about the proper way to take melatonin supplements while on time zone change adventures.  As always it is best to speak to a specialist before trying any supplements. Though here are a few simple tips to remember the proper way to take melatonin while traveling to new time zones.

Take supplement 20-30 minutes before bedtime-  This gives the supplement time to work in the body and to relax you enough for your mind and body to ease into sleep.

Never over dose- Speak with a specialist to know what dose is the best for your specific body type. The smallest dose 0.5 works for many people in curing jet lag symptoms.

Do not try with other sedatives – Mixing melatonin with other sedatives can possibly cause side effects such as confusion, nausea and daytime sleepiness. Avoid alcohol, while taking melatonin, as it is also a sedative.


Ask yourself  “Do I have enough hours to sleep?” Do not take melatonin or other sleeping supplements unless you have the minimum of six hours to rest.

If your doctor does recommend trying melatonin supplements while traveling then click the “Buy Now” button ,on the right hand side of screen, for guaranteed worldwide delivery of an all natural supplement.

If these simple tips helped you understand how to properly take the supplement melatonin, while traveling, please share your experiences in the comment section below.

Source – One Medical

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