What is Your Sleep Type?

What is Your Sleep Type?

Many have heard the question, “Are you an Early Bird or Night Owl?” Though recently CBS News reported a study done by sleep specialist and best-selling author Dr. Michael Breus. He stated that there are actually 4 different sleep types.

Lions- Early Risers

Bears- People who have energy mid-day

Wolves- those who enjoy late evening

Dolphins- Insomniacs

CBS reported these statistics, “It turns out that roughly 15 percent of people are lions (the category more commonly known as “early birds”). Another 15 percent of people are wolves. About 50-55 percent of people are bears. And somewhere between 10-15 percent of people are dolphins. That means, the vast majority of people — in this case, bears, who are most energetic in midday — were not accurately reflected in the old way of thinking.”

The Early Bird and Night Owl concept only looked at biological timing or circadian rhythm. The studies did not look at Sleep Drive. Brues states, “Sleep Drive is predetermined by the PER3 gene and the buildup of a naturally-occurring chemical called adenosine in the body.”

CBS stated, “Taking sleep drive into account, Breus worked with the global grooming brand Braun to make recommendations for how people can better customize their morning routines, based on their sleep chronotype. They call this approach Morning by Design, and it takes into account things like lifestyle, diet and exercise habits.”

So to discover your sleep type take into account your habits. Do you enjoy waking up early, are you more energized during the day, etc. What is your favorite meal can also help you determine what your Sleep Chronotype is. Once you define your sleep type look at the tips below for each category.

  • Lions who are early risers should try to exercise in the afternoon which can give them a boost to extend their day.
  • Bears, or those who feel most energized in mid-morning and early afternoon, need to avoid the snooze button and switch their cup-of-Joe with a nice glass of water.

  • Wolves, those who thrive in the late evening, should drink in some vitamin D each morning by going to the window and greeting the sun.
  • Dolphins aka Insomniacs should try a high protein breakfast to help them get going in the morning after burning the midnight oil.

If you are still struggling with sleep it might be time to speak to a sleep specialist. If he or she suggests Melatonin Supplements check out World Wide Labs for an all natural option.

Source: CBS News online

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