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I live in Japan and now 39 year old. I can understand English a little. So I am reporting about impression of melatonin. Now my total dosage is 4.5mg. I take both 1.5mg regular type and 3.0mg sustained type. As for the beginning, there was no useful effect, but when it keeps drinking for about three months, benefits appeared. I am suffering from the insomnia for the last 15 years. I kept taking both rohipunole (ROCHE 172)(dosage is 2 tablet per day) and rekitason (ROCHE 5)(dosage is 4 tablet per day) for last 15 years. I heard that this medicine prohibit in America. I feared these my life conditions. In any case, I will become like disabled. So I tried melatonin of the topic with WEB. My healthy body is being recovered gradually. Prescription medicine was reduced gradually. It may not be believed. Prescription medicine is almost unnecessary nowadays. There was additional effect, too. My oily facial skin decreased. Probably, I think that this is melatonin's effect as powerful anti-oxidant. Obviously, my sexual function is improved. Then, I caught a cold recently. Probably, I think that this is melatonin's effect as improved my immune system. Thank you for your good healthy supplement. - J.Y., Japan
I have been on testosterone replacement for 10 years I use implants with the odd patch as I get close to renewal of implants. I have had all sorts of problems over the years with estrogen produced by an excess of DHT the usual issues soar breasts water fat retention and high blood volume. I now use 10mg of melatonin every night. This has vertualy put an end to excess estrogen or aromatisation from the hormone replacement. I live in Australia and we get a lot of very warm nights I often found the bed wet with sweat in the morning. The melatonin has stopped this also. - (anonymous), Australia
I must say I'm impressed. When I e-mailed my order to you six days ago, I really didn't have high expectations that I would receive the order. However, six days later, it was in my mailbox. THANK YOU. I have been using Melatonin since 1990 as a sleep aid. I have a sleep disorder and am unable to use sleeping pills (and don't want to). Melatonin makes the difference between sleep and not sleeping. This has necessitated many trips to the United States ... sometimes for the sole purpose of purchasing Melatonin. I haven't yet tried your product .. tonight's the night, but if it's as good as your service, then what more can I ask. But I am quite happy to take two x 1.5 mg. You can be sure that I will be placing further orders. As well, I will tell others I know, who are in the same boat, about your excellent service. - M.M., Canada
All of my orders from WWL have been for research into Equine Laminitis & Cushing's Syndrome. I've had considerable success giving melatonin from WWL, Feverfew and Pergolide to my own pony (who otherwise would have been euthanised), and we're very interested in expanding the research within a University / veterinary context. From all of the suppliers I looked at, only WWL seemed to fit the following criteria:
** Expiry date on bottle
** Supplier address on bottle
** Bottle properly sealed on arrival
** Pharmaceutical grade melatonin
** Tablets composed of vegetarian components
** Various dosages and option of 'sustained release'
** Consistent product and service. Thanks in advance. - S.H., United Kingdom
... I just received my order from you. The order was for a 60ct. bottle of sustained release melatonin tabs. Other than a couple broken tablets I am extremely satisfied with the speed at which my order was filled. I like the fact that you carry sustained release because I have a very high metabolism and this helps quite a bit. The few extra dollars I pay to order from you rather than buy it locally is well worth it. In this area it's hard to find pharmaceutical grade melatonin that is both sustained release and WITHOUT B6 added to it ... It's a great buy! - M.K., New York (USA)
I've struggled with a handful of different insomnias for years (type 1, RLS, old hag syndrome/sleep paralysis...) and have tried EVERYTHING to get to sleep. I've taken Ambien CR (but awoke in somewhat of a drunken stupor), Tylenol PM (and got addicted to the "non-habit forming" medicine, and even hollistic approaches. No matter if my bed was clean or if I rented a room for the night, nothing seemed to help. I took a stab in the dark after learning about it in one of my psychology classes and bought a bottle of melatonin. One supplement made me drowsy enough for sleep and reset my out-of-whack circadian rhythm! Now, whenever I throw off my sleep schedule, I take one capsule, get drowsy, and fall asleep routinely for weeks! - cory459, Missouri (USA)
Thank you WWL for your prompt service. I live in Australia and I received my order within 6 days. Your melatonin is the best I have used and I have used several different brands before, no hang-over next day and I'm sleeping much better. - B from Sidney, Australia
Thank you WWL firstly for the prompt delivery of my Melatonin order. I live well away from any major cities and have had much trouble trying to find any product to aid me with sleepless nights. A work collegue told me of Melatonin but I was having problems finding any locally. I am now spreading the word of just what a valuable resource you are and of just how high the quality of your product is. - Michelle from Gladstone, Australia
I am a shift worker frequent night/day swaps) and have been using your Melatonin for about 3 years to help switch from days to nights. It is great!! - J.S. MD (ER Physician), Canada
I have been using Melatonin since 1990 as a sleep aid. I have a sleep disorder and am unable to use sleeping pills (and don't want to). Melatonin makes the difference between sleep and not sleeping. This has necessitated many trips to the United States.... sometimes for the sole purpose of purchasing Melatonin. - M.M., Canada
Just a quick note of 'thanks' for great service. Found your site by chance when researching melatonin on line. My husband and I are totally satisfied with the product, just ordered 2 more. We have recommended your site to the folks at the office, and even though our orders are tiny, we appreciate you and wanted to let you know. Cheers, and thanks again. - J&B J., Canada
My order is well arrived at Home, in Reunion Island, and the product is excellent! This sustained release melatonin is much more effective than my former melatonin. Thanks a lot. - L.A., France
The Melatonin SR was for my mother, who, with her 80 years, always wakes up between 3 and 5 in the morning even with the common Melatonin. But your Melatonin SR helps her very much. Thanks again for all. - MB, Switzerland
For many years I have woken around 3am and found difficulty getting back to sleep again. I now take two Melatonin 1.5gm Sustained Release tablets every night and have had no more broken nights... Thank you WWL! - H.C., United Kingdom
I am very pleased with the product and have been taking it regularly now for about 18 months with no side effects. I have also recommended the product to friends. I am not currently taking any prescription drugs that may conflict with the Melatonin. - R.C., United Kingdom
A few years ago, my mother told me that your Melatonin solved all problems she'd suffered. Because S/H to Japan is expensive, I had to buy more to keep them in stock for my mother. 50 bottles are enough to live for about 5 years. She said that she would take them until she dies. ... She trusts your brand. Please note that you have a fan even in Japan. - U.Y., Japan
I am sure I will become prototype of improved life in Japan. Gradually my healthy body had died [way dying]. I declare my life is improved. Thank you a lot of miraculous supplement. Sorry I am not accustomed to writing English. - J.Y., Japan
Thank you so much for the Melatonin. Have been insomniac in the last ten years. As I have extremely low alcohol tolerance, it is rather of relief to have something else that gets me comfortable sleep. I will be dreaming of skiing in Snowbird [in Utah near WWL] tonight! Ciao. - S., Japan
This is the second time to order this product for my grand father and my mother. They said, it has been really helpful for their sleep. And thank you so much for good products ,safe and fast delivery to Korea. - T.H.K., Korea
I just had to send you a message of thanks, for your detailed response to my query re: Melatonin and alcohol. It certainly put my mind at ease. Actually, I neither take melatonin nor alcohol daily. But, I needed to know, just in case. If your company has a mailing list, please put me on it. Thanks again. - M.M., Mexico
After much searching in stores in our area, we came across WorldWide Labs and have, at last, found what we have been looking for. Your Regular 1.5's are just right for us..went to sleep like a baby .. no hangover in the morning! Many thanks and we hope you stay in business forever. - K&R B., USA
The veterinarian has prescribed Melatonin for my dog, a Keeshond. She is horrified of thunder and other loud noises. The doctor said that Melatonin will keep her calm. - K.F.B., USA

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